Happy Match Day - March 15, 2019 

A special congratulations and welcome to the incoming SMMC's 1st year residency class!!

Categorical PGY-1 (8)

Thomas Assali (Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine)

Debby Chung (University of Queensland)

Wishanth Gooneratne (Warwick Medical School)

Vicky Sandhu (New York Institute Technology)

Marian Varda (Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine)

Kerry Moseman (University of Nevada)

Sarah Youkhana Ross University)

Nickolas Quitoriano (Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine)


Preliminary PGY-1: (9)

Mustafa Arch (Midwestern University Arizona, going into Anesthesiology @ University of Arizona)

Marie Donaldson (Northwestern University, going into Dermatology @ USC)

Jonathan Fournier (Royal College of Surgeon Ireland, going into Diagnostic Radiology @ Cedars Sinai)

Michael Ghijsen (UCI, going into Diagnostic Radiology @ Stanford University)

Andrew King (UCLA, going into Dermatology @ Wayne State University)

Jessica Lin (UCI, going into Radiation Oncology @ University of Arizona)

Gabriella Marvizi (UCI, going into Diagnostic Radiology @ Jacobi Medical Center - NY)

Matthew Zabel (California Northstate University, going into Diagnostic Radiology @ UCSD)

Amram Averick (California Northstate University, Undefined)

This marks another successful year for our program in which we matched all of our categorical and preliminary spots so congratulations to everyone on our continued success!

PM Report