All senior residents are required to participate in a scholarly research poster presentation.  This requirement can be completed at any time during their training, so R1s and R2s are also welcome to participate.  In addition, residents will present their research during a noon conference.

The Project:
Each categorical resident is expected to complete and present an original bench research, clinical research, or clinical vignette (case report) project under the supervision of a mentor or primary research advisor.

The specific guidelines for Senior Projects at St. Mary requires that residents
1.) Carry out a meaningful project with sufficient scientific merit such that it could be considered for peer-reviewed publication, and write up the project

2.) Participate in a noon conference and present research in powerpoint format (approx 15 minutes) in May-June

After prior discussion with your faculty advisor, submit a Project Proposal Form to the Senior Project Coordinator.

Please discuss your project idea with your faculty advisor prior to submission.  All submissions are subject to final approval by Dr. Chester Choi, Residency Program Director. Failure to complete a research project by the resident may result in failure to graduate.

Project Timetable & Elective Rotation:
If you plan to work on your Senior Project during your elective month, please indicate this in your initial outline.  Note:  You are required to complete the official Resident Elective Rotation form at least two months prior to the targeted start date, including detailed descriptions of activities and whereabouts for each day of the elective.  This should be discussed with your faculty advisor first, with submission of your final request to the Program Director.  A default rotation will be assigned in the event of failure to comply with the above stated guidelines. Elective forms are available from Medical Education.

All posters must be submitted to  Each poster will be 36 (vert) by 48 (horiz) in size in the glossy laminated format.  Suggested font size is Times New Roman, 36.  Use the attached SMMC logo.  Poster turn-around time may be up to a week, so plan accordingly.