Inpatient Internal Medicine Core Clerkship (UCLA)

Third Year Inpatient Internal Medicine Core Clerkship (UCLA)

Welcome to your Internal Medicine Clerkship at St. Mary Medical Center!

Our faculty, medical staff and I, want this clerkship to be an outstanding educational experience for you. We are confident that you will find next four weeks at St. Mary both educational and enjoyable. 
As a third-year medical student on our internal medicine wards, you will work as an integral member of the medicine team. We expect you to be able to use and apply your basic science knowledge as a foundation for clinical medicine you encounter on the wards. Our teaching environment is conducive to learning by being simultaneously patient-centered and student/learner-centered.

Patient-centered rotation
It is our expectation that you learn from each patient you encounter during this rotation. To achieve that, you should be involved in every facet of your patient’s care, from taking comprehensive history to performing physical examination, writing orders and observing studies that your patients undergo, whenever possible. These studies may include: cardiac, pulmonary, gastroenterological, variety of bedside or radiological procedures or even surgical interventions in the surgical suites and ORs. Our students are expected to be active members of the medical team who should know all the details about patient’s history (including history of present illness, past medical history, surgical history, medications, family and social histories and allergies) patients’ social support system, studies performed, etc.

Student-centered rotation
As part of the team, you will participate in all house staff activities, including:

  1. Morning reports, and daily morning work rounds, during which you will present your patients to your resident.
  2. Teaching attending rounds, during which you will present your patients to two medicine teams and medicine teaching attending.
  3. You will also be able to assist your intern and/or resident in patient procedures and other ward activities, including following diagnostic studies, contacting consulting services, ordering appropriate tests, and arranging outpatient follow up for patients, as a part of their discharge planning, assuring proper communication and continuity of care.

Our goal is to have you feel as responsible for the patients’ welfare as though you were their personal physician. Accordingly, when you leave the team for the day or to attend conferences, please keep your resident and/or intern informed with the latest update related to your patients.

The range of Internal Medicine can be overwhelming. Thus, we designed a clerkship rotation at St. Mary to encourage self-directed, reflective learning habits that should serve you well all through your career. You can learn something from every patient on the team. Therefore, we expect you to take the initiative in all aspects of your learning. This includes regular reading about your patients’ medical issues every night, participating in discussions, sharing your knowledge with others on the team, pointing out interesting findings on your patients to your fellow classmates, pro-actively seeking feedback, and obviously, spending time with your patients.

Again, welcome to our Internal Medicine Residency at St. Mary. All of us look forward to meeting you and working with you.

First Day at St. Mary

Clerkship Site Coordinator:

Lizelle Felix
Office 562-491-9000 x2351

Clerkship Location: St. Mary Medical Center, 1050 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

What does my First Day at St. Mary look like?
You are expected to be in Medical Education Office (3rd floor of the Main Hospital) at 9:00 am. If you come earlier than that, we have daily morning report 8-9 am which you are welcome to join.
Lizelle Felix will obtain your e-mail and pager numbers, give you information packet describing your rotation at St. Mary, provide information about badges, meals, parking etc.
Dr. Rayhanabad will provide an introductory orientation to your Clerkship.
Chief Resident and/or a Ward resident will take you on a brief tour and to Human Resources office to complete required paperwork.
Each student will then be assigned to one Medicine Team: One resident and two interns and start working on wards as described in the “Orientation” document you received or will receive.

Let us know if you have additional questions prior to your rotation.