Application Requirements

General Applicant Requirements:

  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, as many questions pertaining to the application & recruitment process as well as program highlights are addressed there
  • New for 2020 and moving forward: California has a new training license (PTL) requirement. See the Medical Board or Osteopathic Medical Board websites for application details.
  • Must apply through ERAS before December 15th, although exceptions are occasionally allowed
  • All documents have to be submitted via the ERAS portal
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) also known as the Dean’s letter, only available after October 1st
  • Medical school transcript
  • 3 letters of recommendation (minimum), preferably at least one letter from an internal medicine attending
  • The most current USMLE and/or COMLEX score transcripts must be uploaded in ERAS
    • Osteopathic medical students have to submit COMLEX scores as well as any USMLE scores that are resulted
    • Make sure to promptly update your ERAS application as soon as any new exam results become available throughout the application process/interview season
    • All IMGs without a passed step 2 CS, must provide evidence that the OET has been taken and passed, all elements of the ECFMG recognized ‘pathway’ to an ECFMG certificate have been met with all evidence provided.  All IMGs who have graduated by August 2020 must be able to provide a current ECFMG certificate before interview consideration
    • Interview season typically runs from late October into mid January.  The Program interviews many weeks during the season, usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday using a virtual platform (eg Thalamus GME). For those who are offered an interview, the Program is flexible if date options offered do not immediately fit into the applicant’s open calendar. There is an opportunity for interviewees to participate in a resident meet and greet and Q&A as well as a session with the Program Director
    • Given the high volume of applicants each year in accordance with NRMP “equal footing” directive, the Program does not have the opportunity to review and comment on a candidate’s ‘viability’ or ‘prospects’  for being offered an interview
  • Valid employment authorization in the U.S. (U.S. citizen or permanent resident) and any potential eligibility issue must be brought to the attention of the Program Director and Academic Affairs Manager by February 15th for the 2023 NRMP Match season
  • J-1 Visa – We will accept J-1 applicants for the upcoming interview seasonWe do not have an H1-B or H2-B sponsorship. We do though consider F-1/OPTs who have a full year’s eligibility.
  • The expectation for rank eligible candidates for the incoming PGY-1 resident class is that they meet both our contracting and pre-hire on boarding requirements with Legal and Human Resources by late May 2023 with a projected residency orientation start date of mid June  2023
  • The Medical Board of California forbids any physician or medical student to participate in any non-recognized clerkship rotation and does not permit externships, observerships, shadowing, or other similar visits or contact with training programs. St. Mary does not have research or scholastic opportunities for non-residents or prospective applicants. ERAS and the NRMP have strict “level the playing field” guidelines concerning limited and focused contact between resident applicants, programs, and even involving community physicians. We understand and support these arm’s length recommendations. Consequently, we intentionally cannot follow up on every applicant outreach communication or outside referral to our program

Additional Requirements for International Medical Students or Physicians

Our program accepts applications from qualified International Medical Graduates (IMGs).   We will review the application once minimum application requirements have been met.

  • Medical school has to be on the California Medical Board’s (MBC) or OMBC approved list
  • The Medical Board of California and Osteopathic Board of California has a Postgraduate Training License (PTL) requirement.  All eligible applicants must be familiar with the latest PTL requirements within the prescribed timeline for applying and obtaining a PTL.
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) status report

If you have additional questions please go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

Thank you. The NRMP has a hands off approach directive to programs, so we let the FAQ section answer all prospective applicant questions and avoid making unnecessary e-mails or phone calls to our program.

Good luck during the Interview Season


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Ms. Kyra Perez, Residency Program Coordinator

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